To pre order from our takeaway menu. 

Step 1 Call 0161 929 7349 

Step 2 Place your order

Step 3 Please allow 15/20  before collecting you order (during busy periods, we will advise you when your order will be ready to collect)

Step 4 Pay on arrival.

We are also happy to prepare your order whilst you wait,

Please advise of any dietary requirements or allergies at the time of ordering.




Cheese & Home made piccalilli (v)
Tuna & Cheese Melt
Chicken & Lemon Drop Chilli Mayo
Ham & Cheese
Vegan Cheese & Onion (vg)
Sauteed Mushroom, Spinach & pepper with DF Mayo (vg)
Roast Pepper & Harissa spread, courgette ribbons,
spinach and crushed walnuts (vg)


Plain Rarebit £5.75
Mushroom Rarebit £6.00
Chorizo Rarebit £6.00
Sauteed Onion Rarebit £6.00



Americano £2.20
Cappucinno £2.60
Flat White £2.60
TEA - English Breakfast, Earl Grey £2.50
Green Tea, Chamomile, Peppermint, Fruit
Harrogate Sparkling Water £1.50
Harrogate Still £1.00
Kombucha £2.95